Navigating the tension between the world's way and a better way.


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Learn with Meaning Over Money.

Our courses teach you how to navigate the tension between thet world's way (what everyone is telling you to do) and a better way (a simpler and more effective way). Why? So you don't have to make the same mistakes your parents made. Instead, you can focus on living a meaningful life without money being a stressor!

Our Courses


Budget Your Best Life

Learn why and how to budget in a way that's actually enjoyable. It's not about spending less, but rather spending better.


Investing With Clarity and Confidence

Investing can be confusing and overwhelming! Luckily it doesn't have to be. We'll make it simple, approachable, and accessible so you can eliminate fear and win.


Debt: Take Back Your Freedom

You're in debt? You're not alone! The bad news: it sucks. The good news: you can free yourself. We'll show you how.

Meaning Over Money


With 150+ episodes and a 5.0-star rating on Apple Podcasts, we provide concise, straight-to-the-point, short-form episodes centered around money....except it's not really about money.

The content is created specifically for young adults seeking to find a better way to navigate this work and money stuff. We delve into investing, budgeting, relationships, behavioral science, careers, generosity, and much more. Most episodes are conducted solo by host Travis Shelton, but we also bring in guests who we believe can add value to our audience.

DISCLAIMER:  The information contained in this program does not constitute legal, tax, or other professional advice.  The instructor of the course is not a licensed or certified lawyer, accountant, tax professional, financial planner, financial adviser, registered investment adviser, or broker dealer, and is not acting in any such capacity.  Further, the instructor is not licensed to sell any securities or related products, and is not specifically recommending or selling any such products hereunder.  The advice given in this program constitutes only general knowledge on the subject and should not solely be relied on to take specific action.  Program participants shall be solely responsible for taking any specific actions based on the advice, including, without limitation, the making of any investment decisions and the purchase of any financial products.  

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